Up and running!

Posted by Blinky on 31st Jan 2015

Dearest minions, as of Jan 19, 2015 the new, improved Beholder the Bargains website is up and running.  I struggled many moons with the Box of Confounding to subdue it, bending it to my will in order to bring you a shopping experience that is 500% more enjoyable than before.  THAT is how much I love you, my minions.   It was an epic battle that bards will sing about for eons! 

Overall I feel it is a significant improvement over the old site though I must give a critical FAIL to the mobile version's apparent inability to display stock quantities (something the non-mobile version does), further compounded by the obtuse "you've exceeded the stock available, please try again" message when you try to add more minis than are currently in stock instead of a more useful "You tried to add X skeletons;  we only have Y skeletons.  Y skeletons have been added to your cart."    I will see if I can bend this to my will but these strange glyphs in my Box of Confounding are unintelligible and alien to even one as incredibly brilliant as myself.   I will see what I can do about this but for now if you want to see stock quantities on a mobile platform, apparently you have to use the "Switch to standard view" link at the bottom of the page; WARNING:  the standard site is NOT quite as pretty and user-friendly as the mobile version on a mobile device (other than the fact that it actually displays stock quantities) and once you switch you can not (easily) switch back to the mobile site.  It looks like this has something to do with "cookies" so if you find a way to get rid of these accursed "cookies" you'll likely be able to switch back to mobile.  Why there isn't a link to switch back to mobile is beyond me;  darn this Box of Confounding!  Every time I think I've slain thee, you sprout another irritating head like a Hero Slayer Hydra!