Tomb of Annihilation Awards

Posted by Blinky the Opinionated on 4th Aug 2017

The Dungeons & Dragons Icons of the Realm Tomb of Annihilation set is here and in stock!   (More stock to come as my #MostIncompetentMinion JM finds time to open and inventory more cases.)

I am happy to grace you, my minions, with my valuable opinion, the only one that matters really.   Overall, a pretty solid set.  Best dressed award goes to Demilich Acererak.   Note how his tattered robes catch the wind just right to accentuate his bony figure.  Perfection.   Worst dressed "award" goes to Nanny Pu'pu.   That brown frock is not doing you any favors.  Think about adding a scarf or accessories with a splash of color to liven things up and draw the eye away from that snaggle-tooth.   Worst overall mini award goes to the Zorbo.  Hands down. Is this D&D or Star Wars:  Return of the Jedi?   Many of you minions are probably too young to remember the tragedy of the Ewoks.   Boooooo!

Speaking of Boo,  it's pretty awesome to have a miniature of Minsc & Boo for those of us who played (and loved) the Baldur's Gate PC games.   2 thumbs up!

Other honorable mentions go to the Asharra, Mantrap, mono & duo drones, Merrow,  Nycaloth, Stone Juggernaut.  And who doesn't love a Giant Four-Armed Gargoyle?   Also, one can never have too many Orcs and Skeletons, though once again, the low distribution of these makes them too rare and therefore expensive and constantly out of stock (sorry...)   Oh, almost forgot the Nothic.   It's great to have an alternative to the exceedingly rare Archfiends Nothic, and this one is nice though I have to say the Archfiends one is still much better...IF you can find one... :(

Anyway, enjoy, my minions!