Storm King has arrived!

Posted by Your gracious master, Blinky on 25th Sep 2016

Storm King's Thunder miniatures have arrived and my most incompetent minion JM has entered some into inventory.  More will be restocked as he has time to open more cases (this minion is pathetically slow in both mind and body I am afraid).   He has also taken pictures of the miniatures.   I apologize for the poor quality; apparently photography is also something he does NOT excel at;  come to think of it, I still haven't found what he *DOES* excel at.  There must be something...   Oh YES!  Incompetence.  He excels at incompetence.

Anywho, these giants are Yoooooooooge!  (huge -JM)  Whereas only the storm and cloud giants where huge (3 inch diameter base) miniatures in the older sets, all of the giants in the Storm King's Thunder set are what I'd consider huge (3 inch base) miniatures with the exception of the Fomorian, which is still pretty large but on a 2 inch base.   The hill giants look more like titans to me.   On the downside, they will absolutely *dwarf* your older hill giants.  On the plus side, they are impressive and will make your little goody-two-shoes adventurers soil their chainmail.   On the downside again, they are *HEAVY*.   I will be losing a lot on shipping (for domestic flat $3.49 shipping) and may have to consider adding a small additional shipping charge for each.    Canadian minions should be very careful about ordering any of these giants as my shipping estimate, currently based only on dollar amount, is probably going to be way less than the actual shipping charge.  :(

And the worst-dressed award goes to....Lai Antolio!!!

I mean, toaster on his head?  How is that remotely functional?  I haven't seen tackier, less functional couture since Lady Gaga's meat dress at the 2010 VMA's.  Gawwwwd.   I literally can't even.

 Well, I have minons to flog and imps to eat so that's all for now.  CU L8R my dear minions.

Eternally your master,