Restocked with love (and incompetence)

Posted by Your gracious master, Blinky on 23rd May 2016

Dearest minions,  I have pushed JM to the limit and beyond yet again.  He's been slaving day and night to process incoming shipments in order to get my hoard of D&D miniatures as fully stocked as possible.   Naturally he failed to reach 100%.  Typical.  Still, I currently am stocking all but 43 of the 1450 non-promo/special miniatures.  "But that's over 97% in stock", whined JM as I flogged him mercilessly.  Pathetic.  He shall be punished accordingly I assure you.

This level of stock can't last unless *you* help me, dear minion, sending me offerings proving your undying love and devotion to me.  (edited by JM: or by trading in your unwanted or unloved miniatures.   Please use the contact link for more information).