Major restock. Lords of Madness and more

Posted by JM on 9th Feb 2022

I'm in the process of a major restock.  Of special note I've acquired miniatures from the Lords of Madness set including exceedingly rare miniatures such as the Heroslayer Hydra, Mephistopheles, Yeenoghu, Mind Flayer Noble and the Elder Blue Dragon.  I currently have everything but C'tallum.  They won't last long...

Furthermore as of the time of this post I am stocked on all but 143 of my 2300+ unique miniatures.

I've also been checking prices on all 2300+ miniatures to make sure they are a bargain.

I still need to get images for some of the newer sets and I need to add the Mythic Odysseys of Theros set that was completely missed.

This is all a very time consuming process so bear with me.   The last year or two have been a disaster here at Blinky's Lair and I was almost completely unable to restock, but I'm trying to pull it together and appreciate your patience.   Also Covid-19 has had a devastating effect on my business.  I guess people don't like to get together around the table when there's a pandemic or something.  Go figure.   Now that things seem to be getting back to some semblance of normal and I've restocked things are picking up a bit but Blinky could really use your help!   If you know anyone looking for miniatures please let them know about us.  Most shipments include a handy business card that you can feel free to share.  ;)  Posting in appropriate places is also helpful but please don't spam forums where it's not relevant. :)

Don't forget to read the chilling tale in the previous post.  Blinky has been very busy with this literary and artistic masterpiece of terror.   There's a button to share on facebook if you wish but we will not be held responsible if your friends die from fright...