Happy Holidays!!!

Posted by JM on 4th Jan 2018

We got absolutely hammered over the holidays...

Not like that.  I meant with orders.  Though to be perfectly honest someone who I won't mention by name but whose first name begins with "Blink" and ends with "EEEE" may have indulged just a tad.   "Fashter minions!!! Fashter!!!   Argh!!  It's show hard to fine good help theesh dayshhhhh.  <hic>"      Actually, he may still be a little hammered now.  But it's not about Blinky (it's *always* about Blinky),  it's about YOU, Blinky's "minions".    We hope you had a fantastic holiday and are enjoying your plunder!

If you got cash, Blinky knows where you can spend it.  ;)  To facilitate, he made me restock our depleted inventory and we are now running at over 94% of non-promo/special Dungeons & Dragons miniatures in stock!   Get em while they're hot and perhaps you can use them to warm up from this frigid cold we are having.

JM & Blinky the Inebriated  (I'm going to pay for that but it's SO worth it)