Posted by JM on 9th Mar 2015

I just spent most of the day processing a very large incoming collection and entering it into my online inventory.   Out of the 1341 regular miniatures from the normal sets (not including promos, special sets, etc.),  I am currently stocking all but 4!    That will probably last about 15 minutes so...get 'em while they're hot.  :)   I'm going to sit back and relax for that 15 minutes before processing the rest of today's orders.   Whew!    Which brings me to this: thank you SO MUCH for all your business!   It warms Blinky's black little hearts to know that he is facilitating your gaming pleasure.

"Nobody cares about your trivial ramblings!  Get back to work minion!"

Well... I guess his hearts cooled down again.  Better get back to it.