Blinky a' Bloggin'

Posted by -Blinky the hip and trendy on 20th Apr 2021

My dearest minions,

I realize that it's been a while since I've graced you with my witty, inspirational and awe inspiring words but I figured it pretty much fell on deaf ears so whatever.   What's that you say?  That's because I hit you all with a sonic blast?  Oh my bad.  Well that's embarrassing.

Ahem. most incompetent minion JM has finally had time to restock and this was a big one.   He's processed several large collections and over 1000 unique minis were restocked, so if you were looking for something in particular, now is the time to look again.  We have over 90% of our minis in stock.

Due to a few errant eye beams I may have accidentally decimated my previous lair.  This was the reason for the lack of stock over the last few months.  Well that and JM's incompetence of course.   It is also the reason that the newest Icons of the Realms sets are either completely missing and/or do not have pictures.   I shall...motivate JM to get these tasks done.   The sets will be entered first.  The pics will come later.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to put up another Tic Tac video to please my internet minions.

Think upon these words I have so graciously given you.

You're welcome.