Because I love you

Posted by Blinky on 10th Nov 2015

Dearest minions,   I have been whipping and torturing JM day and night.   I have rolled my eyes as he complained.  "I need to sleep."  "I need food, badly."   "My feet hurt."  "Please stop humming 'Shake It Off'".    Good grief, let me call you a wahhhhmbulance.   I literally can't even.   Why, you may ask, am I pushing him so hard?   Partially because I can....but also because I love you.   Yes.  That's right.   I love you, dearest minions, and to prove my love for you, I graciously flogged, berated, tortured and taunted JM until he finished processing his latest incoming collection and brought us up to almost full stock yet again. That's right, out of the 1376 regular (non promo/special) miniatures, we are currently missing only 10!      If you own any of the miniatures that we do not currently have in stock, I will love you even more if you trade them in!    Plus, you will be rewarded with extra gold coins, priority iron maiden seating at the front of the torture room, and a glorious signed photograph of your diabolical master sporting various trendy fashion and hairstyles throughout the ages (all of which I invented of course).  Collect them ALL!  THAT, dear minions, is how much I love thee.     -Blinky    (disclaimer:  rewards are subject to change at any time.  Also, I'm pretty sure the only fashion and hair trends he actually invented are 80's bangs and parachute pants...  -JM)