A great time to sell or trade your unwanted/unloved D&D miniatures

Posted by Blinky the Amazeballs on 29th Jan 2017

Dearest minions,  my non-inventoried pile of miniatures is dwindling to previously unseen levels. :(   I've just restocked and am currently carrying ALL BUT 29 of the 1564 non-promo/special dungeons & dragons miniatures, however this may very well be the last time I am this fully stocked for a LONG time.   :(    You can help by selling/trading in your unwanted or unloved D&D miniatures so I can find them a new home.  With some exceptions, trade-in values are generally 60-70% of my sell price, so trade in those minis you don't use anymore for store credit and use it to buy the ones you want!